Friday, September 2, 2011

iLove: Rihanna's Hair in Fly MV

Hey guys, I am loving Rihanna's hair in Nicki Minaj's latest music video "Fly". I like how its red on the upper half and black at the lower half. She looks freakin' fantastic in my opinion! Wish I can say the same for Nicki's hair... lol

 Here's the music video just in case you haven't seen it yet.


  1. i'm loving rihanna because of you hehe.. she is gorgeous!

  2. i love rihanna's too! nicki just looks like she's trying too need to bring back the bride of frankenstein from snl

    Vonnie of

  3. Great music video-Rihanna does look and sound great! Nicki Minaj literally looks like a wannabe Lady Gaga. So sad, because she is fairly talented. She need to get a style of her own.


    Erin @

  4. i just love that no matter what color it is or style or anything, she can totally rock it.

  5. i lvoe her hair too :3 im not sure if i could pull of bright red though XD

  6. hahah! Oh Nicki, you will always be weird looking, whatever you do! :)
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  7. Nicki's wigs are outrageous, only she can pull those off haha But I agree with you on Ri Ri's hair, it looks really great, and she's so pretty in this vid. And I really like this video too :)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  8. Her hair does look great, and her outfits are awesome also!


  9. she's rocking an ombre look! i liiike.
    i wish i was able to pull off a straight bangs.

    Thanks for following me. I am now your newest follower.


  10. big improvement on the hair!

    xoxo navy & orange

  11. i freaking love this song. It's about time that they realeased a music video. I adore Rihanna and she looks fabulous. I totally cracked up laughing when you said "I wish I can say the same for Nicki's hair" and then scrolled down and saw what you were talkin about. LOL You so funnny. Have you seen the new pictures of Rihanna's hair? I guess she decided to go back to her original hair color. I personally have fallen in love with her red hair. In my opinion, It's kind of what made her stand out from all the other artists. But she's always changing it up so we'll see what she comes up with lol

  12. i was thinking the same thing when i saw the video!!! <3

  13. absolutely love this song!! they are so great together! :)

  14. I like her hairstyle too!:D

    Happy weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  15. Rihana and Nikki, two bad bitches that I love. The video is awesome, I'm glad you posted it because I hadn't seen it before!

  16. her hair is amazing. and Nikki is always fabulous.

  17. I think she looks good with a fringe, because she has a giant forehead x) i'm not a big fan of hers, because i don't really listen to this type of music but i admit that she as attitude! :)

    Love * Sofia


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