Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bang Bang Pow!

Today is the one year anniversary of my bangs!

I've just reached home from college, *totally jet-lagged!*
Anyway, been very busy ever since but I will try my best to update my blog.

Moving on...

I didn't have bangs throughout high school, I only started cutting my bangs during my senior year at high school. The last time I had bangs was when I was only a mere toddler!

I love to be in front of the camera even way back then!

Rockin' floral prints!


Aww... Mary Janes! Can't believe I mixed two tones of denims though!

I decided to cut my bangs because I wanted to have an edgier look. Plus, it's super convenient in a sense that I don't have to trim my eyebrows that often because my bangs will cover it. FYI, I have super bushy eyebrows! So that is a relieved!

I cut my own bangs actually. Since I'm in college now, it's really inconvenient to go to the saloon once every week, cuz my bangs grow out super fast!

Tips on how to cut your own bangs:

1. Snip sparingly. Cut little by little while checking yourself in the mirror if you're worried that it might look unbalanced.

2. Don't go overboard. Don't cut too short if it's your first try just in case you hated it, so that you can always go to your hairdresser to fix it.

Celebrities rockin' bangs right now are:

Lea Michele *is it just me or does she looks like JLo?

Who can forget Miss Tyra Banks!

Anna Wintour infamous bob and bangs.

Is there something missing Nicole? Oh yeah, where's your bangs? I miss it!


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