Thursday, December 16, 2010

Future Hairstyles?

I will be heading off to the hair salon soon to get my hair done. I'd been spending my semester break thinking about which hairstyles and color I should choose. And here are some of the looks that I had come up with.

Jennifer Lopez: Caramel Base with Honeycomb Highlights
I really like this hair color on Jennifer. It looks gorgeous against her tanned skin. And the highlights really makes her facial features stand out.

Jessica Alba: Golden Brown with Medium Blonde Highlights
This hair color has a much richer brown base compared to Jennifer's. I have a really good feeling about this one! This is my number one pick, for now.

Annalynne McCord: Ash Blonde
I really like this ashier shade of blonde. But I don't think that I'll be dying this shade of color, I really like the hair cut though. Love the bounce and the volume of the cut.

I've also noticed some really interesting two-toned hair colors nowadays. I think that two-toned hair colors done in the right way can give off a gorgeous finish!

This is my favorite two-toned look by far! Everything about this hair is perfection, from the side swept bangs to the shoulder-length straight cut, stunning!

How about a more darker and edgier look? I had been eyeing singer Orianthi's two-toned hair color ever since I saw her very first music video. This is definitely more rocker chic compared to the other looks that I proposed, but I love it nonetheless!

I saw this in a Japanese magazine and thought to myself, leave it to the Japanese to embrace boldness in their choice of hair colors! This take on the two-toned hair color trend definitely carries a lot of personalities. I kinda like this style of hair color, an attention grabber undoubtedly! But I think it will better suit the Japanese than me.


  1. i like jessica alba's hairstyle :)

  2. i agree, japanese are so bold with their hair color and style.
    i can't wait to see your new hair.

  3. I think Jessica Alba's color would look the best on you! It would still look relatively natural and go well with your skin tone. Can't wait to see it when it's done!!

  4. great styles i like the edgier ones but im sure youll pick a great one too

  5. I cannot wait to see your hair!! I'm sure it will look fabulous especially if you go with your number one choice!! Love Jessica Alba's hair and that color would look great on you!!


  6. go to for some great hairstyle ideas

  7. I like these hairstyles very much (:
    and I like your blog too !

    Wil you please check out my blog? You can follow me if you like (:

  8. can`t wait to see your new hairstyle!xx

  9. can't wait to see your new hair, I used to want to go blonde but then I relize that it wouldn't match my skin tone :(

  10. Ive been thinking about going warmer also.. cant wait to see your new look!

  11. I love that post :)))))))


  12. I loove Jen's and Orianthi's hair!:)))

  13. i love the bold colors of Japanese fashion =]


  14. llooovee the ash blond! orianthi looks amazing too :)


  15. My favorite is the J.lo's one!
    that warm color is capturing :)



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