Friday, July 23, 2010

R.I.P Gorgeous Heels!

When I first got home from college, the first thing that I did was checking up on my shoes. I didn't bring every pair of my shoes to college cuz it would take up too much space. And so... I had to leave my babies behind!

As I was browsing through my shoes, I found that one of my favorite pair of shoes had literally died! I couldn't find a more appropriate word for it... *rotten? split? cracked?*

I really love this particular pair of shoes! I find it quite unique considering most of the shoes in stores now tend to tilt towards the same style. I love the rhinestones-studded heel! Patent lace trimmings and bows add a touch of girlyness to the black pump. Love the golden accents as well!

What happened? *I kept asking myself* Is it because I didn't cater to them while I was away for college? Whatever the reasons, I'm not taking any chances. I'm going to bring the ones that survived along to college with me!


  1. Oh no that's ashame, they really are very pretty shoes! Or should I say were :( xx

  2. So sad. RIP pretty shoes. Maybe the dog ate it! lol

    xx rk

  3. adorable heels sad its messed up :(

  4. Those are such unique shoes like you said!!
    I don't think Ive ever seen any like that before .. the rhinestones are super cute. Don't blame you for not wanting to let them go ..

  5. still holding on to them waiting for a miracle to happen! ^^

  6. Omg. Poor heels, they look comfortable too :(

    In addition, I have a contest going on, please visit if you can ; ) I'm excited for it because it's my first one.


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