Monday, July 12, 2010

Tonight I'm doing...

Need to wake up super early tomorrow!
As in 6.30 am!

My class starts at 9.00 am,
need to be there by 8.30 am,

And so...

Need to wake up at 6.30 at the break of dawn to get ready!
*shower, style hair, makeup...*

To prep for tomorrow... mask time!

I'm trying out Garnier skin naturals' peel-off mask,
I kinda like it,
it feels cold when applied to the skin,
and it smells like lemon!
My skin feels soft and hydrated.

Plus, it's super cheap! Bought 2 packets for only RM 4.35!
Which is about USD 1 something!
Totally worth it!

I picked out a soft pink dress for tomorrow.
To contrast the softness of my dress,
I painted my nails in gold mossy olive.

The nail polish that i'm using is from Elianto.

This is my favorite nail polish! It costs about RM 5 only, USD 1 something I think, Super cheap!
The consistency of the nail polish is perfect, not too liquidy, not too concentrated.

I hate it when my nail polish gets so sticky that it's really hard to apply.

On top of that, the length of the stem is just nice for easy aplication.
It dries pretty quickly as well!

I'm not sure whether Elianto is available outside of Malaysia though,
but if you could find it, buy it!


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    goood work , keep it up , its paying off !!

  2. aww...thanx! appreciated! ;)


  3. Lovely article. Lovely Blog
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  4. that color is hot!! it reminds me of Minx nails


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