Monday, August 30, 2010

Clash of the Emmys!

Rose Byrne VS Kim Kardashian

Rose and Kim are both channeling their inner goddesses on the Emmys red carpet this 2010. I love the cutout details on Rose's dress, but her hair seems terribly frizzy! On the other hand, Kim looks very polish with her hair pulled back, sleek yet soft. The neck piece on her Marchesa dress is an accessory all on its own!

So, Who do you think wore the grecian look better?

In my opinion, Kim rocked this look! I love Rose's dress, but overall, her hair just ruined this look.

I'm gonna blog about Emmys Best and Worst Dressed next so stay tuned!


  1. I agree about Rose's hair. Check some pics of her that were shot indoors, though -- it looks MUCH better. When you have your hair frizzed out, the sunlight is going to do unflattering things to it.

    Questionable hair aside, Rose - imo - is definitely the winner in the Grecian look competition.

  2. yeah you're right, rose's hair is too frizzy for me. I do love Kim Kardashian's outfit, she looks like a goddess in it

  3. Agree wih you. Rose Bryne wore her dress greatly but her hair ruined everything. Just found your blog and loving it :)


  4. Yes I agree Kim rocked this look..Rose hair messed it up for her she wasn't the only one with tacky hair at the emmy's tho ha.

  5. I prefer Rose beautiful, but you are right, her hair are terribly frizzy. So in the end Kim's look is better! :)

  6. tough choice! i love the first dress better but she is too skinny so i have to give it to Kim xo

  7. great blog! i think kim looks so beautiful.

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  8. LOVE Kim's look.She's not often so stylish but this time she really did IT.


  9. these ladies both looked so stunning!! i agree with what you said for both <3


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