Friday, August 20, 2010

If Fashion Can Kill...

Be on the lookout people... because fashion has come to a deadly turning point, one that might take you on a ride to the emergency room if you're not careful.

Every guy's dream, fireworks display on boobs!

Who needs a bodyguard when you got spikes covered from head to toe!

No one would ever dare to steal this spiked-out Hermes Birkin, because one might lose a finger or two trying to snatch it away!

Afraid of being thrown at by millions of female fans? Try this on for size! *Justin Bieber should definitely wear this!*

This outfit should definitely come with a warning sign!

No one will be touching your humps and lady lumps if you wear this! Pervert-proof!

This outfit may not looked as deadly as the others but looks can be deceiving! I called this the silent killer, with shoulders that pointy, one can go blind just by sniffing Kim's hair!

But don't get me wrong, no matter how dangerous some of these trends might be, I really do love the idea of spikes and hardware! *but maybe not the fireworks bra... just sayin'...*Anyway, most of the outfits I posted above are for the idea of entertainment and theatricality. I personally love spikes and here are some less dangerous ways to embrace it!

Love the idea of incorporating spikes in jewelries!

I love shoes with spikes on them! It will add a bit of an edge to any outfit!

Spikes on your body is acceptable only if you're cautiously aware of how lethal you are.


  1. oh yes, can madonna complain that gaga is stealing her style 20 years ago?

  2. haha funny post. and yeah I agree, I love spikes too!

  3. wowza, my favorite post cause I just loove rock style, haha sooo nice..really fashion kills!!!
    <3 spike heels ,omg i want them
    also Rihanna has great great style and that dress looks great n her, also Bill Kaulitz looks great in that outfit: `ha, fans you can`t touch him` heh

  4. really awesome post! i am a fan of spiked fashions but i feel like a dress like that would hurt!! great pictures and great blog :)

    visit me! i am currently hosting a giveaway for a really awesome set of animal rings and i hope you'll check it out! :) hope to see you soon!!

  5. I really enjoyed this post!! Your a fantastic writer.
    xoxo Debby

  6. Really cool post and really awesome blog!

    If you get chance please check out my blog Thank you! xxx

  7. spikes are trendy right now, so we'll be seeing more of them...
    love fergies dress and kim's outfit is lovely!!!

  8. Hahah this is such a funny post. I agree all the spikes and hardware can be dangerous, but we girls need to protect ourselves. I actually have a pair of studded shorts I fell asleep in once, let me tell you they were not comfy at all. I would almost say painful. I love the studded bracelet, it could add a little edge to any one of your outfits.

  9. hahah, lady gaga`s fashion sense is a bit too crazy for me. Love those spike shoes.xx

  10. I loved this post, you have a great sense of humor!!! haha
    Thank you so much for your comment.

  11. Lol nice post ! I love the shoes !

  12. I love Kim's and Katy's look, fashion is crazy sometimes :)

  13. mm gaga and adam's styles are my favorite in the world.
    i love the crazy punk grunge hardass look.<333

  14. haha.. your commentary is entertaining! :)

  15. I like Lady Gaga. She's really special, and her music is very creative!!

  16. Hehe, isn't fashion fun? I don't think I'll ever be the type to wear spikes (or flames on my boobs, for that matter), but it's fun to look at nevertheless!

  17. cute post! I LOVE that jem filled HEALS. the other stuff with spikes kinda scares me, ESPECIALLY THE FIRST PIC!

  18. haha what a great post!
    gagas boobs are craaazy

  19. I love spikes on garments, shoes, etc..
    it makes stand out more in public..
    Gaga and Rihanna's photos are absolutely amazing


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