Monday, December 13, 2010

You Don't Have To Feel

When I bought this ruffled top, it comes with the necklace, a total score! The top is a nice way to incorporate a touch of femininity into my everyday wardrobe.

On top of that, I've been tagged by the lovely Shalane from The Fashion Moodboard! Check out her blog! I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do!

So, here are the questions!

1. Why did I create my blog?

- I was looking for a creative outlet to express my love for fashion, and creating a blog seems like the perfect step to take! I love it and couldn't stop blogging ever since!

2. What kind of blogs do I follow?

- Fashion blogs! But besides that, I really like food blogs too, especially the ones about desserts! What can I say... I have a sweet tooth!

3. Favorite Make Up brand?

- I used a lot of MAC products. I love Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette, it comes with different shades of color in one small compact, very convenient when I'm on the go!

4. Favorite Clothing Brand?

- I mostly shop at local boutiques. I love the clothes at Zara and Forever 21, but the price tags are super high in my country, so I couldn't afford them.

5. Your indispensable makeup product?

- Concealer to hide my super dark circles! I'm currently using one from Maybelline.

6. Your favorite color?

- I love the combination of black and gold! I also love neutral colors. I'm open to bright colors as well depending on my mood.

7. Your perfume?

- I love DKNY Be Delicious! But I don't wear perfume that frequently though...

8. My Favorite Film?

- Gee, this is a hard one. There's a lot of really good films that I'm a huge fan of. The one film that popped into my head right now is Clueless!

9. What country would you like to visit and why?

- I'd been dreaming about backpacking through Europe for so long. I would die to visit France and Italy!

10. Write the last question and answer it yourself.

- What are my guilty pleasures? Eating sushi and watching Family Guy! I'm obsessed... =)

I pass these questions on to Jasmine from Simple Sophistication!



  1. You are always so sweet.
    Love your top and I really enjoyed your answers!

  2. the ruffles on that top are awesome.

  3. I'm giving an amazing jeweled cuff away as a Christmas gift. you should enter it. its open to everyone worldwide!:)

  4. That is one beautiful dress, and my family is obsessed with Family Guy too :)

    Enjoy your day dear


  5. i love the new header!!!! this outfit is adorable btw. =) you look lovely as always!!!! sorry i haven't been so involved lately... the sunglass hut contest blog has been keeping me really busy needing to post every day. i barely even have time to post on vogue gone rogue!

    Full Time Fabulous - Kristy
    twitter: @kristyelena

  6. fun interview!

  7. love your black top..really fabulous..
    and what a great interview!! glad to know about you better :)

    visit my site, you can follow me if you like it. just tell me if you want me to follow you back :)


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  8. hi i've tagged you over at my blog! (:

  9. I also love food blogs! but I get so hungry after looking at them lol.xx

  10. what a cute top!!!
    it's so nice to open my blog and see your sweet comment! if you don't want to lose track of my blog, well- it's easy with k come karolina on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :) and in the last post - you can ask me anything

    xoxo from rome

  11. the top is nice* chiffon always makes ppl look feminine =D!

  12. The top looks so wonderful on you. I love that you paired a more feminine piece like the top with the more casual jeans. You have really nice hair, too, just gotta say!

    Clueless IS a great movie...I need to watch it again soon! Thanks for reminding me. ;)

  13. I love your black top. Beautiful!

    Have a nice day!


  14. Fabulous top and the necklace is gorgeous

  15. hey...nice blog... !! keep it up !


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