Monday, February 28, 2011

Humble Photoshoot Part I

In my last post I said that my roommate and I decided to do a little photoshoot together. We took tons of pictures and went all crazy in our apartment. I decided to split the pictures into 3 or 4 parts and post them separately on my blog, because I don't wanna overwhelm you guys with too much pictures. And also, I won't post any other stuff in between, so that they will be a part of a continuous story despite being on separate posts.

Introducing Part I!
Disclaimer: I'm not in any of these pictures!

The model of this photoshoot is my lovely roommate Vicky. We had fast becoming great friends since I last moved in during the beginning of the year. Can't believe she can fit into my LBD since I'm pretty much 10 times her size!

Hope you enjoy our little homemade photoshoot!

Model - Vicky
(Fringe LBD -, Teddy Bear - Model's Own)

Hair: Me
Wardrobe and Styling: Me
Makeup: Vicky
Photographer: Me

Part II coming up next!


  1. OMG you did her hair?! I LOVE IT. She's absolutely gorgeous! I love the first photo best. I think the lighting gives her such a glow and adds a great effect to the picture.

  2. the hair is so nice!
    the pictures are very beautiful.

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  3. How fun! Its great having close friends you are able to be yourself around and do fun things like this. Good photos! I love her hair.

  4. she looks so cute!!!

    xoxo from rome

  5. Your friend's hair is amazing. Tell her for me. I like the second picture best.

  6. i like the last one the best ;) your hair is super long

  7. your model is so beautiful!! nice dress too!!


  8. lol why aren't u the model for the shoot !

  9. Classic LBD!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  10. Wow you did an amazing job with the haircut,
    it seriously looks wonderful!


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