Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Independent!

It's officially one year since I started blogging! Happy Blogiversary!!! Let's start the post with a goofy picture of me! ;)

My friend of mine said that this is how Anna Wintour would probably look like if someone yank out her sunglasses at the front row of a fashion show! LMAO!

I can't believe it had already been a year! I remember I was in my hostel room during my first semester as a freshman in college, and I decided to create a blog since I was pretty much bored to death. I didn't give much thought on the name of my blog though, because I never anticipated that it would become what it is today. I was listening to Ne-yo's song "Miss Independent" and I thought to myself, why not! Thus, the name of my blog was born.

I'm wearing black lace poncho, black spaghetti strap top with silver zipper neckline, and creme white shorts.

*Trivia of the day - I put back the chocolate after I'm done taking the picture! XOXO


  1. Happy b-day to your blog! haha! adorable outfit. I love your top!

  2. awessseommmmm! happe blog bday! more power~

  3. oooh super cute!! so happy bday!

  4. Happy B-day, wow :)))

    LOVE minnja

  5. happy b-day to your blog michelle. may u have many more wonderful years together!

  6. happy birthday to your blog michelle :)!!

    love your ruffley black lace top so cute!

  7. Hello beauty! It's a very cute outfit! I just love your blog.

    Kisses and hugs

    Michelle fashion designer from Brazil :)

    If you want we can follow each other, if u follow me I'll follow you back.


  8. happy first year, michelle! yay! :D

    <3, Mimi

  9. Aw happy (belated) birthday to your blog! I hope I'm still blogging a year from now ^_^


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