Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sleepover At Michelle's!

Today is the first day of my semester break! Thank god finals exams are over! We had a sleepover at my friend Michelle's place after my last paper. Funny story, both of us had the same first name and surname! I had an incredible time with the girls: Michelle, Emily, Jay and Tiffany!

First stop on our agenda, grocery shopping! FYI, Tiffany is the one sitting in the trolley!

We bought ingredients for dinner and loads of junk food! After grocery shopping, we drove back to Michelle's place and started cooking. We made Mac & Cheese, bacon strips, mushroom soup, clam chowder and cucumber slices to "counterbalance" the cheese and lard!

We bought a few bottles of vodka based cocktails in the liquor isle on our way back to Michelle's place. From left: Lemon Lime, Hawaiian Delight, Blue Lagoon, and Cosmopolitan. My favorite is the Cosmo, delish!

We had our sleepover at the AV room! We literally watch movies until we sleep!

During our movie break, we made smores for supper. We couldn't find bigger candles and had to settle with the mini ones. It took forever to "cook" the marshmallow. We resorted to microwaving them in the end. LOL!

Can't wait for the next outing!


  1. haha seems like a fun time- I love coolers! I can't stand hard liquors except tequila

  2. wow~ looka also fun,why so diff from my semester friends T.T

  3. great that your exams are over. You all look so cute. seems that you have a lot of fun ^-^

    ps: chanel giveaway on our blog

  4. Aww cute looks like you had such a fantastic time with your girlfriends!

  5. Wow it looks like you had a lot of fun! Im glad that finals are over for you and you can relax and enjoy the summer! hahaha I tried roasting a marshmallow over a candle too and I even tried it over the stove HAHAHAHA But of course it didn't work, microwaving it does but you don't get that nice crispy outside layer, which is my favorite part! Those drinks look super yummy and colourful!

    P.s I love how you ate cucumber slices to ease your conscious of the other foods hahaha

  6. michelle!! i'm having green eyes now!! eee.. so sad i could not make it..maybe some other time.. enjoy ur hols!

  7. looks like so much fun!



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