Saturday, November 5, 2011

Should I?

Here's a romper that I came across at a store in Sunway Pyramid. I love the copper tone and the ruched bodice. Plus, its only 20something bucks, pretty cheap. The downside is that its quite tight as I've recently gained a couple of pounds. If I can manage to shed the extra weight, this romper would surely fit better! Should I take a risk by getting it? Oh, dilemma...

I'm going shopping again tomorrow!!! This time, my mom will accompany me! She had just flown in a couple of days ago, haven't seen her in ages!


  1. Love the colour of the romper ;) I say go buy it and use it as an inspiration to shed those pounds hehe that's what I do. Enjoy the bonding and shopping with your dearest mom!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  2. thats actually a cute design!


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  4. hmm, i'm not too sure if i like it. it looks a bit too ill fitting at the bottom. although i like the ruching at the top. it adds character.


  5. As long as it doesn't resemble a diaper from behind (which is the main downside to some rompers), then I say go for it! Nip it in even more at the waist with a belt, put a slouchy blazer over the top, and you've got yourself a great outfit!

    xx T
    Le Fanciulle

  6. Love the color and the fit!!


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