Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Dyed My Hair!

Hey guys! I recently dyed my hair using Liese Bubble Hair Color in Platinum Beige.

Here's the result!

As you can see, the result didn't really turned out exactly like the picture on the box, but that's ok, I wasn't expecting much since it is a store-bought dye after all. At least it successfully covered my dark roots.

Actually, I prefer the hair color as shown on the box though, an ashy dark blonde color. I was told that if I wanted to achieve that color I may need to bleach my hair, because Asian hair tends to turn orangey/red after a while. Case in point, I dyed my hair brown before this, but it turned copper after a few washes as seen in my before shot on the left.

As for now, I'm satisfied with my hair color, but it won't be permanent though, I'm gonna go to the salon to color it again for New Year!


  1. heh i noticed that you dyed your hair but didn't know it was using this color :)

  2. loving the new hair color!

  3. very much lighter. Are you doing to keep it that light when you go to the salon to dye it again?


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  4. The colour looks good on you, you suite the lighter tone ;)


  5. Looks great :)
    I really need to dye my hair because of bad roots u_u


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