Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New In - Accessories

The accessories I ordered not too long ago just arrived! I took some pictures of them with my new GF3, think the pictures turned out quite nice considering my new camera is just a hybrid system camera and not a DSLR, or I could be displaying the classic case of cognitive dissonance. What do you guys think of the picture quality?

I ordered these items from a blogshop called Delirious, they carry really nice and affordable accessories. Here are some of the stuff I bought:

Metallic arm cuff

Claw bangle

Chained double rings

Lipstick ring

Snake ear cuff


  1. i think your photos look fantastic! and these are such cool accessories! :)

    <3, Mimi

  2. so cool
    i also have the snake earring!
    beautifull stuff babe

    New outfit post - Back to stay

  3. Love them all <33

    The Lipstick ring is soo cool :P

  4. Haha I bought the same claw cuff, metal cuff & chained rings from Delirious too!

  5. ohh nice! where did you get these from? I've been wanting those claw bracelets for a while now!


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