Saturday, July 14, 2012

Leopard in Chains

Hey readers, I need some advice regarding weather appropriate clothing. I'll be going to the US in mid-August, which will mark my very first time traveling outside of South East Asia. So I was wondering how I should prepare my outfits when I go there. I'll be going to LA, then up north to Minneapolis. I heard it won't be really cold in LA yet (correct me if I'm wrong), would an outfit like what I'm wearing in this post suffice? Or should I layer up more in case it gets cold?

How about the weather in Minneapolis during that time? I'm assuming it would be so much colder than California, do I need to prepare thicker clothing? Appreciate your help!

Crochet Top & Leopard Accented Blazer - My Closet
Pleather Tights - Sungei Wang
Cutout Heels - E&E
Chained Rings - Delirious


  1. great outfit love your tights!

  2. hope your trip goes well, wish i could advise! you look lovely :) xx

  3. LA is hot in summer, you will be okay! and love the hand chain!

  4. It's really hot here in LA! Even in mid-august, it's gonna be blazing hot.
    so i think your outfit is perfect. although you might get a bit hot with those leggings. I suggest shorts. Sometimes we get randoms chilly days like yesterday so have a cover up handy, like a cardigan or a blazer. and you should be good. :D you can also bring dresses and skirts. that way, it's airy and you won't sweat as much.

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  5. very nice outfit i like your jacket


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