Thursday, April 8, 2010

JPA Interview


I was soooo nervous 'bout gettin' ready for the interview n I totally forgot to take pictures to post in my blog!
So... no visuals here... ( sorry! )

This is how my day started:

I woke up to my alarm ( gypsy by Shakira ) around 6am in the wee hours of the morning...
My interview starts at 8am, so I have to get up really early to prepare...

I had to spray-paint my copper-blonde hair to a more natural black... First impression is everything people! Avoiding brutta figura is key.

Details on my outfit:

I wore a white-ruffled long-sleeves shirt which looked kinda professional in my opinion ( I hoped! ) with a pair of grey tailored pants. I wanna wear my Kim Kardashian inspired pencil skirt at first, but thought otherwise cuz the skirt may be a little too short for the JPA interviewer ( eventhough I looked way cuter in the skirt compared to the pants, again... my opinion... hehe )

I completed my look with a narrow black belt cuz my pants where a little too big for me ( I borrowed it from my mom ) and I wore a pair of cobalt-blue stilletoes with black rhinestones on it.

Why blue? Cuz I felt that I should spice things up a bit ( since I was wearing a white, black and grey combo ) and I felt that a subtle pop of colour should do the trick!

Since I didn't take any pictures of myself, visualise me as a political leader...:p
( I wore my geeky-chic black-rimmed glasses to top it off! )

Moving on from the little details...

We were divided into groups of five, I was assigned as the first person to introduce myself, I had a number "1" pinned onto my shirt and everything... Gosh!

Btw, I was the only girl in my group... Dunno why... Maybe it's b'cuz I was the only girl wearing pants.

Others were wearing skirts...

and baju kurung...


I think there's something wrong with my hearing abilities...

cuz I couldn't hear the question that the interviewer were asking me...

so I had to lean in... tres uncomfortable...

Around 10.30am ( I think ):

Finally concluded my interview!
I can breathe again...( Whew! )

How do I think I did?
Not bad... until the interviewer said that we were required to answer one last question in BM...

As you all now ( I think ), BM isn't what I would consider my best language when it comes to speaking, so...

I used my cacat BM to answer the interviewer.
Hoped I didn't caused you any pain! Sorry!

The ending to my day... Dim sum! Yum!
( cuz I didn't take my breakfast due to the enormous population of butterflies in my stomach! )

At the end of the day:

I spent a lifetime getting rid of the spray-painted blackness out of my hair.

The end result?

My entire body was stained with the black spray-paint.

Note to myself: Never use spray-paint on my hair ever again ( unless held at gunpoint )


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