Friday, June 11, 2010

There's a first time for eveything......

It's World Cup fever! & I thought I should get into the hype by wearing my soccer shirt today!
I'm not a football fan per say... just thought I might as well get into it since pretty much the whole world is crazy bout it.

Oh well......

Quick recap of my 2nd week of the new semester...

Finally got my French manicure! I've been super duper busy lately that I just don't have anytime left for any of my beauty regime. Well, say no more cuz....... Tadaa!

My nails are kinda short for french tips, but nevertheless... *me likey!

Got my textbook! Photostated copy actually, cuz the price of a new copy is down right insane! *RM90+ ! shit, i'm broke...*

Introducing..... American Mosaic, trust me, this one's a bore...
And yes, it is that thick in real life! ha!

Dress up as a Native American a.k.a Pocahontas for my American Culture class (extra credit ppl!). My attempt at being Pocahontas is kinda pathetic, so I didn't even bother to take a picture.

I even brought a lame fruit basket as my prop! lol

My first time doing a speech for my public speaking class! Introductory to be exact! Went quite well actually... considering it was my first time giving a speech in my speech class... pheww!

First time doing an assignment and I failed miserably... totally misunderstood the entire point of the assignment! Had to start from scratch!

Had my first test for my American Culture class! Boy, sure hope that I did ok!


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