Sunday, June 6, 2010

COLLEGE... It's a death sentence...

The first week of my new semester had passed...
I was beginning to feel the stress that college has to offer,
*assignments! speeches! exams! Urghh.... let me breathe!*

Ever since high school, I tend to put wayyyyyy to much pressure on myself....
I also have very high expectations on what I could achieve....
Relax! ! ! *my conscience says!*

Goal for this new semester:


Yup, you heard me right... I need a BREAK! ! !

My mind is too tensed right now... & that is not a good sign...
All I wanted to do right now is to go back home & slouched in my couch all day...

But that is never going to happen... I NEED TO FACE THE FACT!

Speaking of the new semester, I need to lose a lot of weight so that I could fit into the clothes that I got for my presentations.

Kinda regretting buying all these body hugging, skin tight clothes...

I need to lose weight or else I have nothing to wear during my presentations.
*going shopping for new clothes is not an option here!*

Hope I can get through this semester alive & in one-piece!



  1. Aww Michelle, don stress la. lol, to me you look so steady. People scare high expectation might fail them so pressure comes :)
    btw GOOD LUCK! and let us hope things will be smoother in this new semester!!! :DD


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