Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Just came back from celebrating Independence Day!
*even though we were 12hours ahead of the states!*

For the record, I'm still in my home country, Malaysia. And we're celebrating another country's Independence Day... Weird...

F.Y.I.... I'm in the American Degree Transfer Program at SUC, will be transferring in two years time. Still searching for my future college, any suggestions? Looking at Penn State right now...

I painted my nails in the occasion theme colors! Red, White and Blue. Since I don't have a blue nail polish, I used purple instead. *Gotta work with whatcha got!*

The concert started off with a Sing-A-Long of the national anthem. *The Star-Spangled Banner* After that, let the party begin!

A lot of our seniors were the main act. Some were good, some were just plain noise! We sneak out of the venue at certain times cuz we just couldn't stand the noise. *Oh lordie! No one really enjoyed the performance though, it seems like eveybody were just hangin' outside of the MPH scarfing down burgers!

Some backstage action!

There were talent scouts searching for models, tv personalities, promoters, etc. My friends and I even signed up for it! *Just for the fun of it though, no harm in trying out!* All we need to do was to fill up a questionnaire, *we were asked regarding our special talents! Since I have none whatsoever, so I just simply wrote something on the top of my head!* Next, photoshoots! We were asked to pose on top of a platform, awkward as I was, felt really weird with all the people looking at us! Of course, there were some people that just couldn't wait to jump up onto the podium!

They showed the live world cup match at around 10. That's when people started to fill up the seats! DJ's were spinning tunes with an open dance floor, but no one was dancing, they were too hyped up watching the match! Germany vs Argentina, with the Germans galore at 4-0, poor Argentina! I'm not a football fan, I was just drooling over the soccer studs the entire time, unaware of Argentina's defeat!

What I wore: One of my favorite dress cuz it just look so fun and cute! Perfect for a concert! The poodle skirt was kinda short though, so I wore a lacy pair of shorts underneath. I should have worn my heels!

After a long night, went back to my hostel after midnight. Night y'all!


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