Monday, July 5, 2010

New Found Love

Ahhh... Just had my impromptu speech, *relieved!*
As it was impromptu after all, so we were only given a topic right before giving our speech.

I was kinda nervous cuz we don't have time to actually think the topic through...
plus I was worried that I might get a topic that I have absolutely no idea what to talk about...

The good news is me and my friends actually found a loop-hole.
Since it was so nice of our lecturer to let us assign topics to each other, so...
we actually had a pact on what topics we wanted to speak on.

My friend "assign" me the topic about Fashion! *right in my comfort zone!*
Even though I had tons of ideas about what to speak about,
but I still got stuck towards the middle of my speech!

I have no recollection whatsoever about what I spoke on,
I have a feeling Anna Wintour made a cameo in my speech one way or another!

Moving on...
I've found a new love in my life...

My black jacket!

With a pricetag of RM49.90 (which is approximately USD 15 I think), this one's a bargain!
Wore it with a dark cobalt-blue top that has a studded waistband *which kinda look like a dress with my abnormally short torso!* with a pair of daisy dukes!

I'm terribly obsessed with blazers *might have mentioned a couple of times in my blog!*

Came across this jacket on an online korean chothing store...
I want this soooo bad! I love that it doesn't have a lapel, and the buttons are pretty cute too!

Love the jacket here! And the skirt!


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