Friday, July 16, 2010

TwiHARD... Eclipse!

Yesterday was my last day for the semester, finals would be on Monday! *creeps!*
Anyway, watched a movie with my friends after class! Eclipse! After that, we had a lot of fun shopping for nail polish!

According to one of my friends, it was as if an anti-twilight movement was going to watch the movie! Don't get me wrong, we are all fans of the book, not sure whether I can say the same for the movie franchise though...

Most of us were giggling when shirtless Taylor Lautner appears! *besides me!*
Their acting were a little bit choppy I have to say...

In my opinion, Kristen Stewart should polish her acting abilities more.

Despite her acting chops *or lack there of*, Kristen Stewart is definitely shinning in the fashion department! I was impressed with her style throughout her appearances for Eclipse promotional tour. Even though she had a stylist to help her out but I'm still impressed with her. Her I-don't-care attitudes towards fashion is definitely grabbing the attention of fashionistas worldwide.

In L.A's premiere of Eclipse, I was glad to see a softer side of Kristen for once. The white embellished Elie Saab with the nude stilettos look really feminine and sexy and still has the edgy element that Kristen is known for. With the hair all pulled back, it makes her look even more chic!

I love this Helmut Lang tank dress! It's sexy yet laid back at the same time. Honestly, I think the color of the dress washes her out a bit cuz of her pale skin, but her auburn hair really makes up for it! And as for her shoes, I would have chosen something else rather than white though. *ooh... gun metal platforms would be nice!*

Finally! Kristen looks like she's actually comfortable on the red carpet for once! She looks like a glamazon in this gun metal Oscar de la Renta mini.

I know today's post is supposed to be all about Kristen Stewart, but Ashley Greene is part of twilight too! She looks phenomenal in this Isaac Mizraahi minidress. From her slicked-back hair, to the earrings and black pumps, she is definitely rocking this edgy look! Kristen will look great in this outfit too!

The mixed-metal tone of the dress reminds me of a Marchesa dress from way back. It was sooo fabulous that it appeared several times on the pages of tabloids!

Heidi Klum, Georgina Chapman, Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus all appeared in the dress! Couldn't blame them though, that dress is HOT!

Now back to Kristen.

Speaking of Marchesa, this ruffled assymetrical dress looks great on K-stew. I wasn't expecting this from her though, it looked so soft and romantic!

This is perhaps one of my favorite look of Kristen so far! She look so girly in this J.Mendel in Rome! Her effortlessly soft tresses and minimal makeup look very casual with the dress. I love the layered tweed at the bottom of the dress! Who knew tweed can look so girly?

Wonder what Kristen will wear next?


  1. I like Kristen in the last dress! But yeah, gotta agree with you, her acting skills are just too horrible to watch!

    I think you should have also included some of her fashion 'misses' especially when it comes to make up!

  2. the last dress look so cute on her! hehe... yeah, I should bash her just a tiny little bit! kidding!

  3. i totally agree about how she should polish her acting skills. and yes, she's been wearing some pretty nice ensembles lately. :)

    check out my blog and enter my giveaway for a chance to win a cute top! and get a coupon code to get 15% off online shopping. :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. why does she always look so bloody miserable, I am not a Twi fan, I just don't get it. Maybe it's just Kristen if she and that other guy cracked a smile I may watch it. xxx

  5. yeah, she should learn a thing or two from Ashley Greene! lol

  6. i totally agree. Her i-dont-care attitude is kinda getting old.

    My favorite look would probably be the first one:D

  7. wish she would lighten up a bit, that would make my day! ;D


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