Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flaws and All

No one is perfect. Famous stars such as Jessica Alba and Beyonce are potrayed as being "perfect" on the pages of magazines and television screens. I know it's hard to believe but even they have flaws and imperfection.

I felt compelled to address this issue as I myself had been struggling with self-esteem issues from the start.

I admit, I do have my moments of feeling fat and ugly, almost every living female does that to themselves. It's pretty healthy to worry about weight fluctuation once in a while, but to let it overpower you, that is just plain crazy!

I decided to share some of my flaws today to hopefully address some of my readers who might be dealing with self-esteem issues, cuz I truly believed that I have the most flaws in the world!

1. Bad skin
- I have acne-prone skin. I've been dealing with it all my life since I can remember. It frustrated me cuz I wanted to have flawless skin. Make-up is an escape for me, but sometimes it just make my skin even worse. On top of that, I have super sensitive skin. Just recently, My leg was covered in rashes. As it started to heal, scars were left on my entire leg.

My gross leg! Any tips on how to reduce the scars???

2. I'm short!!!
- I am barely 5 feet tall. My height is only about 148cm. I really wanted to be taller at first, but now, I'm okay with it. Actually, I think it's a good thing cuz it an excuse to buy more high heels!!!

3. I'm fat...
- As you can tell from my pictures, I'm not exactly a skinny person. My weight right now is 50kg. *last time I checked!* I used to be 10kg lighter cuz of my dancing. But since I got to college, I gained a lot of weight considering I didn't have the time and place to workout. There is no gym in my college. And so, have to deal with the consequences!

Despite all of the flaws I had, *I only mentioned 5% of my flaws!* I've grown to appreciate myself more. Be comfortable in your own skin. Don't let the media or anyone for that matter judge you or bring you down. Just be you.

From now onwards... Lets LOVE OURSELF people!!! ;)



  1. I agree! Let's all be ourselves and embrace our flaws(:

    Great post..very inspiring ♥


  2. Good post! And I agree with the above person. Our flaws/differences make us who we are and we need to embrace them. Admitting how we feel about ourselves can set us free :D

  3. absolutely! glad u guys like it! ;)

  4. Aww, this is so lovely! I was going to do a post on self esteem a few days ago aswell since I was feeling down.. (couldn't bring myself to do it in the end >.<)

    1) As for "Bad Skin"~ I have really really dry eczema prone skin, and speaking of rash, my legs broke out yesterday, It looked like I'd just come out of some jungle, covered in red swollen skin..not good! The marks are still there from me scratching it all last night, so it's kinda scarred aswell. How did yours come about? I hope it gets better :(

    2) Lol! Hey heyy! I'm 5'2 (relatively short compared to a lot of people) But we'r asian you know..we'r allowed..+ it makes us cuter! haha! ^^

    3)Omg, You are NOT fat!! I know we all look at ourselves self consciously which makes us think this (I do it too..all the time >.<) but, I can say, as a stranger, you do not look fat at all! So chin up :)

    -Keep blogging, every time I come across your blog again, I always find myself smiling. Hehe, Its good ^^

    Anyway, hope you have a nice weekend! x♥x

  5. Thanx for the sweet comments! as for my skin, like in ur case, the rashes are super itchy, couldn't stop myself from scratching it... hope yours gets better as well! :)

  6. Hey we all go thru and by ur sharing this post makes it ez for us all....I 2 have bad skin but whos perfect....THANKS FOR BEING SO REAL!!!

  7. They look like freckles. Most people won't know they're scars.


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