Friday, April 22, 2011


Hey guys, I have some quick questions that I wanna ask you guys.

I've been using photobucket to host some pictures on my blog, but I realized that after a while the pictures couldn't load anymore, for example this post right here. Is it just me though, or can u guys see them? Any other better recommendation for a image hosting site?

PS. I'm using the photo uploader on blogger now but I need some other alternatives because the picture tends to be quite small when I upload them directly through blogger. Any tips?


  1. I can see the images on the post you linked! =]
    I also use photobucket and have never noticed older posts images not being visible, perhaps I will have a look back through my blog to check! x

  2. This happened to me too! But I can see them! I use Tinypic!
    Happy Easter,


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  3. i use to upload the pics through blogspot. i like the effect!

    xoxo from rome

  4. omg super need those pieces in my closet!! they're such pretty pops of color! especially love those blue pumps!

  5. I love these color block examples - you have a great eye :)


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