Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fashion Police: KLIA

I was at KLIA a few days ago to catch my flight back to my hometown in Sarawak. It was semester break & I was very much eager to go back home to see my family & friends.

Any-hoo... I was soooo bored while waiting for my flight that I started taking pictures! ! !
*did this out of boredom, don't worry... I'm not a stalker!*

In my opinion, people should give more effort on the way they dress before hopping on an aeroplane.

I mean, it doesn't have to be fancy, just something chic but still casual instead of something fugly!
Ladies.... take note!

Now, let the session begin!

Omfg... too trashy in my opinion, sorry! The fit of the top is wayyyy too awful, I know Malaysia is hot, but... is this really necessary? FINED!

Buzz... Buzz... Is that a bee I see? Oh, wait... it's just a clueless guy totally unaware of the fact that he forgot to check himself in the mirror before stepping out of his house in the morning. FINED!

Hmm... not bad actually, black top with a pair of casual jeans *love the belt!*, definitely deserves an A for effort!

Honey, the Great Depression called, they want their outfit back! Come on... this look is way too depressing for my taste. And don't get me started on those loafers. Next time, add a pop of color will ya? FINED!

I'm not entirely convinced on the checkered top, but this lady right here is definitely working it! *Props on wearing high heels!* Love the bob! cute!

And now, the best dressed anonymous goes to...... Ta daa!

The woman in this shot exemplify a fuss-free way to get dressed at an airport. Love how she tied up her hair in an undone manner to exude a more laid back feel to the entire ensemble. Remember! Sunglasses are a must!
*love the bag she's carrying!*

(the best accessory she had is the man candy in her arms!)

The oversize & loose buttoned-down cream shirt over skinny jeans looks really good on her long & lanky frame. *and comfy!*
B.T.W., Love the wedges!

Bad cop good cop aside, what I really wanna blog about is who the heck design the Malaysia Airlines' uniform?

Honestly speaking, I'm totally not jumping up & down over this look. In my opinion, the color of the print is way too washy-washy. Washy meaning it looks as if the baju kurung had been left inside the washing machine for way too long. If you ask me, I would suggest more vibrant colors for the baju kurung. Show the world what Malaysia's got!


  1. love your fashion report! :D A lot of people (my parents included) will usually dress in a big shirt and loose jeans because they want to be comfortable for the long flights. But I agree with you, they should put more effort into their outfit.

    And I'm also not liking MAS ugly uniform! They look more like mak ciks than air stewardess

  2. that's coz I found it on your facebook XD


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