Saturday, May 15, 2010

Inner Reign

I attended sunway's scholarship award ceremony yesterday, & I gotta tell ya, it was super BORING! I was practically half-asleep the entire time. Anyway, the point is, i've just realized that recently, fearless celebrities are starting to embrace their inner true self by appearing on magazine covers without a stitch of makeup on. Some people may think it's crazy to do so, but for me, I think it's FABULOUS!

One of the first few magazine to showcase a feature on Stars Without Makeup is People Magazine.

Back in 2008, stars such as D
rew Barrymore, Jessica Biel & lots more grace the pages of People Mag in their oh-so-natural state.

Jessica Simpson also hopped on the "stars without makeup" bandwagon by appearing on the cover of Marie Claire without makeup or retouching. (at least that is what she wants us to think)

(supposedly air-blown hair)

French Elle also did a stars without makeup issue with 3 makeup-less celebrities on their cover (separately of course!)

According to Life&Style Magazine, Kim Kardashian is the l
atest celebrity that is "brave" enough to appear on their cover without makeup. To tell you the truth, i don't really buy it. I mean, she obviously had some concealer under her eyes or something! The cover had PHOTOSHOP written all over it! (oh, come on!)

( real or not real? You'll be the judge of that!)

Whether or not Kim had makeup on, at least she does look more natural than the glamorous makeup she usually had on, so I definitely applauded her for that!

Don't cha just love it when celebrities looked like real human beings fo
r a change?

Woman of all shapes & sizes regardless of age or race should be proud of how they look.

A few years back, while everybody was putting seemingly perfect models or celebrities on the cover of magazines or as the faces of advertising ad, Dove had started a campaign that features women of different shapes & sizes to encourage self-esteem among women. This Dove Campaign for Real Beauty inspires women to be more confident in their own skin.

The world today are starting to realize the negative impact of displaying photoshopped images of celebs in magazines and commercial ads. Baby steps are taken in acknowledging the fact that real women possess real beauty that should not be taken for granted.

Every women should feel proud of themselves. Flaunt what God gave ya! As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


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