Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stop This Trend: Boob much?

Ok. So I was browsing through pictures of previous runway shows, nothing else to do of course,
and I realised that a lot of designers had at least one boob exposing sheer top or dress in their collection. This trend had appeared a couple of seasons back, but it looks like it might stay for a while longer than I expected.

Yves Saint Laurent Fall 10/11

Yigal Azrouel Fall 10/11

Gucci Fall 10/11

Max Azria spring/summer 2010

Beyond the runway shows, celebrities are also stepping onto the braless bandwagon. Bras seem to be an option to them nowadays. I'm quite fine with the whole "letting it loose" concept, but it's that "pointy" visuals that really bugs me. Hey, you are making a lot of money after all, why not invest it on a decent bra? Just saying.

Heather Graham

Such a pretty dress, Rihanna, but too bad no one is going to notice it cuz they'll be starring at your girls!

Britney darling, please put on a bra, I'm begging you!

Oh Paris, guys might dig this, but I certainly don't!

Save it for beckham, will ya Posh?

Kate Moss, I'm speechless...

In a nutshell, what i'm trying to say is that don't let your girls out so relentlessly! Cover them up! Even if you prefer not to wear a bra, at least cover your nipples with tape or something!



  1. ppl should start wearing their bras!

  2. omg yes I totally get what you mean! I hate it when I can see their nipples!

    Is it me or does Britney's boobs look saggy? XD

  3. it's saggy cuz she doesn't have her bra on! haha


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